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To Architects, Developers, Property Owners and Investors,

We are very happy to have you visit our website and to learn pertinent information regarding our company.

Let us start out by saying that we love what we do. We genuinely care about our clients satisfaction, making sure that every job progresses professionally, on time, and on budget.

Many projects present challenges that we face head on, utilizing the most progressive solutions available. We have are 40 plus years of solid construction experience, and we pursue any information that would be advantageous to every project conclusion.

Northpoint has extensive experience in all types of construction shells. We feel that every owner, developer and architect should be familiar with precast panels. Precast concrete sandwich panels offer incredible advantages, particularly for townhomes and commercial projects. Plus, it is far more flexible for appearance and design than most people realize. Please read our precast web sections, regarding this emerging, but time tested European shell construction technology.

We are also expanding our expertise by applying the (optional) benefits of "Green Solutions" for a cleaner, quieter, energy efficient advantage and environment. This technology is fast becoming mainstream, as people realize that most solutions are not more costly or difficult. Please visit our web pages on this topic.

Gregory William Harris, is the newly elected President at Northpoint Construction Services, Inc. His primary responsibility is business planning and development, enterprise accountability across several business areas including: residential rehabilitation, and residential and commercial construction. Additionally, Mr. Harris performs daily in a construction management capacity regarding the Chicago Neighborhood Stabilization Program, (NSP).

Most recently, Greg Harris served as a sub contract project manager on one of two, $6,000,000 federally funded watershed management projects for the City of Atlanta. As Project Manager for the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority, Mr. Harris facilitated and oversaw the construction of the Family Entertainment Center at Turner Field. Other contracts include Construction Manager, providing services for the construction of Math, Arts and Physical Education facilities for the Chatham County Board of Education in Atlanta GA.

Michael J. Sullivan, one of the founding principals of Northpoint Construction has a professional history of 40 plus years of experience, which includes new construction and rehab of single family and multi-unit residences and commercial properties.

Pat Mills-Sullivan is a Principal of Northpoint Construction Services, Inc and FuturePlan Lighting, handling administrative activities during new and rehab construction projects. Pat helps manage the subcontractors and new business activities. Marketing, advertising and research are also among her professional history and present corporate responsibilities. Pat created the backtoagreenfuture.com newsletter directed to consumers and professionals.

Our experience covers:

  • Special foundations such as
    caissons, wood and steel piling
  • Bank shoring and underpinning
  • High-rise construction
  • Deep tunnel work
  • New high-rise construction
  • High-rise rehab
  • High-rise exterior restoration
  • Owner representation
  • Major loft conversions
  • Manufacturing plant expansion
  • Institutional projects
  • Educational projects
  • Health and fitness
  • Dental and medical
  • Office buildout
  • Power plants
  • Retail stores buildout
  • Hospitals

We conduct and manage:

  • Critical path scheduling
  • Risk management practices
  • Project scheduling on a daily basis
  • Liability updates
  • Job Safety/OSHA and
    orientation with Sub-Contractors

We track and manage projects with the latest software. We schedule realistic and concise activities based on small increments of work activity.

We have the knowledge and experience in various types of construction to advise Architects and Developers on costs and provide assistance in Value Engineering.

We insist on every sub contractor having liability insurance with, a $1 - $2,000,000 umbrella, including an up to date copy of their insurance policy filed with Northpoint and its client as additionally insured.

Employees and sub contractors attend orientation in job safety/OSHA procedures for each job prior to construction, with a pre-production meeting reviewing of policies and signing off on same.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions that you may have
and do refer others to our website. Thank you.

Northpoint looks forward to hearing from you in the near future.

All the best,

Gregory W. Harris
Michael Sullivan
Pat Mills-Sullivan
Northpoint Construction Services, Inc.

We are inspired by the
potential of untapped human
technological and natural

We are driven to increasing
our knowledge of the best
technology in pursuit of the
most progressive building
solution for every project.

5533 West 109th St., Ste 208  •  Oak Lawn, IL 60453
888.577.9323  •  email: michaelsullivan@nptcs.com

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